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Decora Loft DL LogoDecora Loft came to life during our travels to Asia as we discovered endless beauty and culture in cities and remote villages. Stopping to enjoy food, local conversations, and sightseeing, we knew that somehow, we had to capture and share with others the essence of these rich experiences. Although it wasn’t feasible to take home the intriguing people, delicacies, and exquisite surroundings that captivated us mind, body, and soul, we realized we could share the one-of-a-kind artisan pieces crafted by these cultures with their intricate melding of nature, tradition, craftsmanship, and creativity.

To achieve our goal, we began cultivating relationships with the skilled local artisans to further appreciate their creations and discuss how we could collaboratively share their gifts with the world. In each unique environment nature produces an abundance of beautiful resources, and for generations, native artists have had the wisdom to capture this beauty in functional works of art.

After extensive cultural research and international travel, we assembled a global team of skilled artisans, tradespeople, designers, and curators to launch the exquisite furniture, bathroom, and home décor collections featured exclusively by Decora Loft. The pieces in our collections reflect cross-generational sculpting and carving techniques reflective of each culture’s spirit and shared experience. The cross-cultural relationships we have cultivated also ignited our passion to help Third-World artisans rise above poverty in economies where even life’s necessities are unaffordable.

At Decora Loft, our cooperative team of artists and designers remains devoted to foreign travel and forging new cross-cultural connections. This enriches our offerings of unique artisan home décor, furniture, and bathroom pieces—each with its own back story and captivating beauty that sparks conversation and intrigue. Alongside our dedication to curating a unique inventory, we remain focused on delivering unwavering quality, ethical trade opportunities, and respect for the arts and nature.

As you enjoy Decora Loft’s furniture, bathroom, and home décor artisan selections, also familiarize yourself with the array of organic, natural, and crafted materials we offer. Our collections showcase a variety of woods, including driftwood, petrified wood, and roots. Many of our pieces also incorporate different hues and types of stones, such as natural and river stone, marble, and onyx, bringing another element of nature into your home. In addition, Decora Loft’s unique inventory features the colorful man-made materials of terrazzo and molten blown glass. Our pieces integrate various finishes with smooth and natural edges to please a variety of tastes and décors.

Decora Loft thanks you for your interest in our artisan collection. We welcome opportunities for dialogue with customers to learn more about your tastes, and your feedback is essential to our commitment to high-quality customer service. We also look forward to your suggestions for future blog post topics.