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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Eligible For Free Shipping?
Unless otherwise marked, all items will receive free shipping to the 48 contiguous states. Smaller or medium sized eligible products will be shipped with UPS or FEDEX. Very small orders may be sent out USPS. These orders will be placed at your doorstep where you will regularly receive packages. Larger orders will be sent through a freight trucking company and delivered curbside. Inside Delivery, White Glove Delivery, and Rush Delivery (if available) are NOT included in Free Shipping.
Do Items Ship The Same Day?
We put much care into making sure your items are received in perfect condition. Since our items are primarily unique they get packaged and prepped for shipping as orders are received. All items are inspected and checked before packaging. Most smaller items leave our warehouse within 1-2 days. Larger items take a little longer as they need to be crated and freight shipping has to be setup.
How Long Does Shipping Take?
Smaller items are typically shipped through UPS which takes between 1 and 5 days to reach our customers in the contiguous states depending on your location. Larger items that are shipped through a freight company take between 1 and 2 weeks. Special delivery requests (such as white glove and inside delivery) may take longer.
What Happens When I Order A Large Or Heavy Item?
A Decora Loft representative will contact you to collect some information about the delivery location. They will ask you to provide information that will aid in getting your items to you safely and discuss your individual shipping needs. Freight orders will most likely also include a follow-up call from the trucking company to schedule a delivery date.
Do You Offer Installation?
We do not offer installation of products purchased from our site.
How Do I Clean My Stone or Wood Product.
We try to keep our products as organic as possible. Items are lightly sealed for general protection but will not stand up to harsh conditions. We recommend dusting décor items with a soft brush and cleaning soiled items with a damp cloth or mild soap and water. Abrasives and chemicals should not be used on any of our natural products as they will stand or mar the finish. Cutting boards have a natural oil finish and should be hand washed in light soap and water. They should be resealed with oil if the finish appears to be fading. We sell an organic, vegan, food grade oil that can be used to seal these products.
I Accidentally Damaged An Item I Purchased From You, What Do I Do?
Feel free to contact us via an email to We will try to help you by suggesting a repair solution. Depending on the circumstance we occasionally offer a repair service for your item. You would be responsible for shipping fees to and from our facility and possible repair charges as well.
An Item That I Would Like To Purchase Is No Longer Available Or Marked Sold. Can I Still Order The Same Item?
Unfortunately most of our items are single pieces and once they are sold they are gone. There are a select few items that are stock items however. If you see an item that you like don’t delay in placing an order as you never know if someone else has their eye on it at the same time. You can always contact us to request a similar item. We may already have something that is very close to the item you were interested in or can work with you on having a similar one crafted for you.
Do Your Stone Lanterns Have Lights Installed Inside?
Our lanterns do not have lights installed. They have a removable top and a hole drilled in the bottom so you or your contractor can install one. We can also suggest placing a gel fuel canister inside to have a long lasting real flame light up your lantern or using large glow sticks which will provide a safer solution and allow you to pick different colors.
Why Do The Molten/Blown Glass Items Have Bubbles In Them?
The process of creating these items includes blowing air into melted glass. Due to the temperature and viscosity of the molten glass air can get trapped inside as it hardens and creates beautiful little bubbles throughout the piece. Some items have more and some have few but none the less they add wonderful character to each piece.
Why Can’t You Reproduce More Than One Of Each Item?
Most of our items are created from a base material found in nature. They are worked and carved into a piece that was inspired by the original material found. For example, our carved teak root tables started off as a root that was extracted from the ground. After extensive cleaning, drying, and prepping the material, the artist finds a vision in its shape. It is that moment when the final form is decided. When we are requested to produce a similar item the first task is procuring its base material that matches best. The artist must then work with the piece as best he can. A piece can change design many times before it is finished as the material guides the carving and shaping.
What Do I Prepare For When Expecting A Large Item?
If it’s an OUTDOOR item it can be left outside in its crate for a short period of time until its ready to be installed. If it’s an INDOOR item you should be prepared to uncrate it and move it inside upon delivery. Large items may require you to hire a contractor to handle them. Moving and installing very heavy items should be left up to a professional with the right tools and knowledge to do so. It can be dangerous to you and the product to attempt moving a large item without the proper preparations. Damage to items from mishandling is the responsibility of the customer.
Why Can’t I Have Inside or White Glove Delivery For My Purchase?
Depending on the item purchased and the delivery location, special delivery services may not be available. Free Shipping does not include inside delivery or white glove delivery.