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Petrified Wood Fossil

Petrified Wood Fossil


Fossilized Petrified Wood Is Estimated To Be Millions Of Years Old. The Wood Turns To Stone By Absorbing Minerals That Take Over The Inner Structure.

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This Fossil Specimen Is Made Of Petrified Wood That Was Polished And Mounted To A Wooden Base. Petrified Wood Is Extremely Old, Some Pieces Are Estimated To Be Well Over 200 Million Years Old. They Are Fossils Of Fallen Trees. Most Trees Would Decompose Once They Fall, But If The Conditions Are Just Right, The Tree Will Be Preserved In The Ground, Slowly Absorbing Minerals. So Many Minerals And Elements Are Absorbed That They Take Over The Tree’s Inner Structure and Turn The Tree Into Stone, Preserving The Tree Forever.

These Fossilized Trees Are Hidden In The Ground, Only To Be Found By Accident Or Luck, Which Makes Them Hard To Come By. Once They Have All Been Located There Won’t Be Any More For A Very, Very Long Time (Like 200 Million More Years). It is Very Likely That These Pieces Were Once Part Of A Tree That Was Living During The Age Of The Dinosaurs. Just Think….. A Dinosaur Might Have Been Eating From The Very Tree That This Fossil Specimen Came From.

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