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Molten Blown Glass Decanter


Blowing Glass Has Been A Technique Used For Centuries To Create Beautifully Crafted Glass Decoration and Art. Our Artists Take It One Step Further And Fit The Finished Product Onto A Natural Piece Of Gamal Root While It Is Still Molten. Tiny Bubbles Are Embedded In The Glass From The Blowing Process Creating a Wonderful Accent.

This Decanter Has Been Produced With Minimal Amounts Of Air Bubbles. The Base Has A Medium Color Finished To Maintain An Organic Look. During The Blowing Process Molten Black Glass Has Been Poured Over The Outside Of The Fixture Creating A Two Tone Look. This Takes Much Skill And Needs To Be Done Very Quickly And Accurately. These Pieces Are Limited As The Craftsmen Take Alot Of Risk Of Damaging The Piece While Adding The Black Overlay.

This Is A Functional Item. The Decanter Is Removable And Can Be Used To Serve Your Favorite Beverage.

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 11.5 in