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The Process Of Forming Petrified Wood

Petrified Wood, otherwise known as Fossilized Wood, is one of the most beautiful and intriguing creations of nature. Born a tree, now a stone, the name Fossilized Wood is probably the most appropriate description for this natural work of art since it is actually a fossil. So what is Petrified Wood? It is stone that was created using a tree’s anatomy. Only under very specific conditions can wood become petrified. A fallen tree would have to be buried in wet conditions under sediment or volcanic material high in minerals and silicates and cut off from oxygen. These conditions protect the tree from damage and rot that would normally cause it to decay. This is similar to the protection that dinosaur bones had which allowed them to fossilize.

Over the course of millions of years (even hundreds of millions) the tree slowly absorbs the minerals which will replace the tree fibers, crystallizing and turn the tree rock hard. Trees found in original looking condition with detailed bark and wood grain, as well as pieces found with very vibrant and beautiful colors are among the most rare. The different colors found in the wood vary depending on what minerals were present during formation. As you may suspect, the region where the tree was undergoing the fossilization process would determine the minerals that would be absorbed by the tree. Some areas provide common minerals that we all know such as quartz, opal and jasper. Those minerals are clearly present in the petrified wood. In cases where the base mineral takes precedence the stone can be referred to such things as jasperized or opalized petrified wood.

One of the most thrilling things about finding these rare stones is revealing their inner beauty. It is usually difficult to determine the color of the stone until it is cut and polished. take a look at this photo of a small section of tree trunk before it is polished.

Looks kind of boring and gray…

Now after a lot of hard work grinding off the brittle exterior the polishing process can begin. Multiple grades of sanding, polishing and buffing tools reveal the true stone colors.


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